2009 financial disclosures for mayor, council

According to the latest financial disclosure statements on file with the Ohio Ethics Commission (OEC), Lakewood’s elected leaders did not accept any pricey gifts or meals in 2009.

The financial disclosure statements were due April 15th. As of last week, the OEC had not processed submissions from councilperson Mary Louise Madigan (Ward 4) or councilperson Monique Smith (At-Large).

The 2009 disclosures contained data very similar to the information provided in 2008. Almost everyone had an investment in an IRA or 401(K).

Councilperson Michael Summers (Ward 3) led the pack. He recorded an interest in 28 different mutual funds (up from 17 in 2008), and three IRAs. He was also the only person to claim no creditors.

Cuyahoga County Executive candidate and Lakewood Mayor Ed FitzGerald didn’t do any moonlighting as a lawyer in 2009, as he had in 2008. The number of creditors he listed increased to 6 from 4. His financial status continues to be a curiosity.

He listed no stock holdings, non-governmental retirement accounts, or real estate investments. He addressed the issue last year, but one still wonders where he’s stashing his loot. Maybe he’s into Alpacas?

6/14/10 Update: Councilperson Madigan’s financial disclosure statement was provided today. Like Councilperson Summers, Madigan claims not to have owed any creditors an amount greater than $1,000 in 2009. She listed one creditor in 2008.

Check out the disclosure statements below in .PDF format:

Mayor Edward O. FitzGerald

Mary Louise Madigan (Ward 4)

Michael Summers (Ward 3)

Thomas Bullock (Ward 2)

Kevin Butler (Ward 1)

Monique Smith (At-Large)*

Monique Smith (At-Large)**

Nickie Antonio (At-Large)

Brian Powers (At-Large)

*2009 filing
**2008 filing

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