Time gaps in police media log reports

Lakewood police searched Birdtown in the early morning hours of March 22nd for a man suspected of having outstanding felony warrants. The white male took off running and hopped over a fence when an officer in a patrol car approached him and his friend. Police did not immediately locate the subject.

A couple of hours later, an officer stopped a male riding a bicycle on Edgewater. He was found to have a warrant out of Linndale for a traffic violation, as well as some prior drug convictions. The male was arrested, turned over to Lindale, and his bike was impounded.

In the early morning hours of the following day, March 23rd, police dispatched cars to the down unit of 1329 Webb. A female called to report that her residence had been burglarized. Several items were missing, including her pet Boxer.

Don’t expect to read about any of these incidents in the Sun Newspaper crime blotter. None of them were noted in the police media log.

For some reason, the incidents listed in the log for March 22nd don’t begin until 3:52 a.m. Nothing is listed for March 23rd until 5:18 a.m. The same kind of time gap occurred on the morning after St. Patrick’s Day.

I learned of the incidents only after noticing the time discrepancy, and reviewing a recording of radio traffic for those hours.

The majority of the logs don’t have any time irregularities, but it is curious and slightly alarming that information is being withheld — whether intentionally so or not.

The Crime Calendar has been updated through March 23rd.

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